Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Automatic fire

If a weapon is capable of automatic fire, you may make use this setting. Make an attack roll against a 10 by 10 foot area. If successful, everything in the area must make a reflex save of DC 10 plus twice the shooter's dexterity modifier or take full damage from the attack. You must fire 10 rounds to use automatic fire. If you cannot do this, you may not use automatic fire.

Some firearms mechanics

The idea of suppressive fire is to make the enemy take cover for fear of getting shot, keeping the enemy pinned down so that you can flank, call in armor or fire support to wipe them out, cover a retreat, or do whatever else requires keeping the enemy in one place. In game terms, this is how I feel it should work.
While wielding a semiautomatic or fully automatic weapon you may suppress a target that has full cover. Beginning suppression is a standard action, and you may suppress a five foot area with a semiautomatic weapon or a 10 foot area with a fully automatic weapon. You must fire 5 rounds with a semiautomatic weapon or 10 with a fully automatic when you begin suppression (full attacks are almost always standard actions in Voyager, as are some normally full round spells, as I want people to be able to fire and move a fair distance in one round, not stand around making five foot steps at the most), and you must fire the same amount of rounds every round thereafter. These rounds are fired at the cover the target is behind, not the target itself. If the target exposes itself in any way that downgrades the cover to partial cover or no cover at all, you make an immediate full attack against the target. The suppression ends if you fail to fire the required number of rounds or somehow fail to hit the cover.

If you successfully hit a target with 3/4 or 9/10 cover with a ranged attack (You need not be suppressing the target. This is a separate rule from suppression), you automatically threaten a critical hit. This is because a target with that much cover is likely only exposing the head or upper chest, so while that person is harder to hit with gunfire, any shot that does hit is very likely to have hit something vital.

Reloading a firearm is a move action unless otherwise specified in the weapon's description. The rapid reload feat reduces this to a free action.

Add your dexterity modifier to all firearm damage rolls, one and a half times your strength modifier to one handed melee attacks, and twice your strength modifier to two handed melee attacks.

Cycling the bolt on a bolt action weapon is a free action.

All attack actions, including full attacks, are standard actions. You may only take one attack action (a full attack counts as a single attack action) per turn.

Attaching a bayonet to a weapon is a move action. While the bayonet is attached you take a -2 penalty to all ranged attack rolls with the weapon due to the bayonet messing with the weapon's balance. A bayonet deals damage as a short sword, and is treated as a two handed melee attack.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another tech level is planned.

Biopunk. Taking Frankenstein to new heights. This one is a mad scientist's wet dream, and great for the Alchemist class.

A Clarification on tech levels.

At the moment, Voyager is planned to have rules for two or three Age of Sail Magitech tech levels, two Steampunk tech levels, and two Petrolpunk tech levels. More tech levels may or may not be added.

Voyager shall have air combat rules.

The Petrolpunk tech levels (At the moment, I have 1917ish and 1945ish Petrolpunk planned) will have fighter aircraft.

Voyager Shall have a 1945 Petrolpunk Setting

With airships. Why? Crimson Skies was awesome. That's why.

Trailblazer has been renamed.

It is now Voyager.

Furthermore, Voyager's coverage of the listed time periods is in a series of "Punk" settings, such as Steampunk and Petrolpunk, not historically accurate technology lists. Pathfinder is is no way true to Medieval life, and is definately a Punk setting, and Voyager's tech levels shall be similar is this respect.

What is Poison Apple Games?

This is the website for Poison Apple Games, which produces free pdfs for Paizo's Pathfinder role playing game. At the moment we are in the process of applying for a compatibility license from Paizo Publishing. More information will be available here once we have such a license.

Our Projects:

Currently we are working on a project called Trailblazer. Trailblazer takes Pathfinder from the years 1500 to 1918, and includes firearm mechanics different than those in Ultimate Combat, rules for naval combat, new equipment, new feats and spells, new skills, new uses for existing skills, new class archetypes, and rules for steampunk settings. It also includes a campaign setting with multiple alternate timelines.